Tips For Using
Lay the crumber on its side with clip resting on table.
Let the Crumber rest on the clip, with the inside of the Crumber facing the user.
NOTE: The scraping edge is now resting flat on the table.
Grasp the crumber with the thumb on the inside, near the end where the clip is located. Hold the clip side with the index and middle fingers.
Proceed to scrape by tilting the crumber slightly forward away from the clip.
Let the tablecloth roll or wrinkle slightly as you scrape to de-crumb the tablecloth, or use your other hand and hold the cloth tight and slightly raise cloth as you scrape.
NOTE: Our crumber has a double scraping edge to accommodate right and left hand users.

Method Of Disposing Of Crumbs

After the customer has finished the cocktail and eaten snacks, the server will use the crumber and dispose of the crumbs in the paper napkin used under the glass.

If the customer has an appetizer, the server will use the empty dishes to dispose of the crumbs.

After the customer has finished the main course of the meal, the server will again clean the tablecloth and use the dishes being removed to dispose of the crumbs. This leaves the cloth clean for the serving of desert or after-dinner drinks.